Paediatric Ophthalmology

The Paediatric Ophthalmology and Squint department at Agashe Hospital provides one of the best paediatric ophthalmology treatment in Mumbai. Dr. Prachi Agashe, Paediatric Ophthalmologist,
Squint Specialist and Neuro Ophthalmologist who heads the department offers comprehensive child eye care including medical and surgical paediatric ophthalmology treatments as well as squint
treatment in children and adults.

What conditions are treated by the Paediatric Ophthalmology Doctor?

The following conditions are treated by our Paediatric Ophthalmology Doctor at Agashe Hospital in

1. Spectacle / Glasses prescription for myopia (short sightedness), hypermetropia (far
sightedness) and astigmatism (cylinder power)
2. Myopia control strategies
3. Lazy eye (amblyopia)
4. Conjunctivitis (pink eye)
5. Squint surgery for crossed eyes (strabismus) in children and adults
6. Blocked tear ducts in children
7. Cataract surgery in children
8. Eye injuries in children
9. Retinopathy of prematurity
10. Droopy eye lids (ptosis) surgery
11. Eye allergies
12.  Wobbly eyes (nystagmus)
13. Glaucoma

Why consult a Pediatric ophthalmology doctor?

A child’s eyes are not simply miniature versions of an adult’s. As the child is growing, their eyes are
developing each day. Hence vision problems in children require specialised eye care for this delicate, vital organ.

Secondly, vision forms an important part of a child’s learning, growth and development. It is said
that vision is responsible for 80% of learning in a child’s first 12 years. Defects in vision can lead to a number of learning and behavioural disorders. A child may struggle with academics or sports
without knowing that the problem exists with their vision.

Lastly, children are not always able to understand that their vision is not up to the mark or explain
clearly what symptoms they are experiencing. Some eye conditions are part of normal growing and may not need any active intervention while others may need urgent eye treatment. In some cases, if an eye condition is not treated in time, it may even result in the child permanently losing vision in
that eye. Hence it becomes important for experienced hands to examine their eyes for signs of eye diseases and to treat eye diseases appropriately.

Paediatric eye doctors are medical professionals who are specially trained to examine, diagnose and
treat eye diseases in children. Child eye specialists are experienced in handling all these challenges and ensuring that each child who visits the Paediatric Ophthalmology Surgeon at Agashe Hospital
gets the most gentle, pain free and best pediatric child eye care in Mumbai.

Why should I choose Agashe Hospital?

Our Paediatric Ophthalmology Surgeon and Squint Specialist, Dr. Prachi Agashe has in depth training
from some of the best paediatric ophthalmology hospitals in India – Bachooali Eye hospital in
Mumbai, Aravind eye institute in Madurai and LV Prasad Eye institute in Hyderabad and even USA.
She has received special training in Nystagmus, Retinopathy of Prematurity and Adult squint. She has
over a decade of experience treating children in various eye hospitals and is known for her gentle handling of children and polite demeanour.

Agashe Hospital has the latest technology and facilities needed for paediatric ophthalmology surgery like auto refractometer, imaging slit lamps, hand held slit lamps, portable A scan, stereopsis testing and binocular vision testing. Paediatric Optometrists at Agashe Hospital have hands on experience in examining children. We also have an in house optical outlet which provides colourful spectacles with accurate prescription numbers, comfort, safety and the latest designs. Our contact lens clinic helps adolescent children with contact lens prescriptions and fittings. Children who need low vision aids can also benefit from our Low Vision Aids Clinic that is staffed by Low Vision Aids specialists.

The staff at Agashe Hospital is adept at dealing with children to ensure that their experience at
Agashe hospital is pleasant and comforting. Parents often express their relief at being able to trust
their children with our staff.
Thus the Paediatric Ophthalmology Department at Agashe Hospital has all that you need to provide the best paediatric eye care treatment in Mumbai for your child.

Here are what some of our patients have to say about their experience with Child Eye Specialist at
Agashe Hospital:

“I would say one of the most clean and tidy hospital up till now in KURLA vicinity…following ALL
COVID NORMS. Dr. Prachi Agashe has really good approach towards kids and Madam has good hands on squint correction surgery. Dr. Prachi Madam operated my son for squint after doing thorough examination and till date my son is doing well… Staff is also quiet good and very helpful”

– Dr. Khan Jamal

“Hospital maintains good level of cleanliness and hygiene. The staff is extremely polite and helpful. Dr Prachi is cooperative, accommodative and approachable. One of the best pediatric opthalmologist in
the city. Very patient with kids.”

– Lokita Rathod

“One of the best hospital, my Squint was more, but with help of Dr. Prachi, only with glasses and other therapy it got cured. Thanks for the help n support throughout my treatment.”

– Jumana Mandsaurwala

“Thanks to dr Prachi agashe because of I have a child & child have cataract & dr done that very
successfully & agashe hospital is very good thank q to all hospital staff”

– Aakash Badgujar

“One of best eye specialist in Kurla.Very good Hospital After Renovation and good Ambiance”

– Ranjana Mhatre

“One of best eye specialist (child) in Kurla. Trying to bring all under one roof for kids, including medical. Very good experience”

– Rizwan Ahmed

“Dr Prachi Agashe is the best doctor for child in Mumbai, She is very helpful and kind in nature, and
handle by premature baby with utmost care and patience.”

– Faisal