Paediatric Orthopaedics

The Paediatric Orthopaedic department at Agashe Hospital is one of the best paediatric orthopaedic treatment in Mumbai. Dr. Mandar Agashe, Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon who heads the department offers comprehensive paediatric orthopaedic care including treatment of traumatic, degenerative, congenital and reconstructive paediatric orthopaedic treatments.

What conditions are treated by the Paediatric Orthopaedic Doctor?

The following conditions are treated by our Paediatric Orthopaedic Doctor at Agashe Hospital in

  1. Bone Fractures
  2. Bow Legs
  3. Clubfoot
  4. Knock knees
  5. Hip Dysplasia / Congenital dislocation of hip
  6. ACL injuries and tears
  7. Cysts and musculoskeletal tumours
  8. Growth plate injuries
  9. Hip injuries
  10. Elbow injuries
  11. Kneee injuries / deformities
  12. Foot deformities / injuries
  13. Bone infections
  14. Congenital deformities
  15. Scoliosis (curved spine)
  16. Osgood Schlatter disease
  17. Limb length differences

Why consult a Pediatric orthopaedic surgeon?

A child is not just a miniature adult. A kid’s bones are growing, remodelling and changing every single day. The same conditions that affect a child’s bones, muscles or joints present with challenges that are different from adults. Secondly, children may not always be able to explain what it is they are experiencing. Is the issue something that they will outgrow, is it something that needs urgent attention – these are some things that may be difficult for parents to judge. Paediatric orthopaedic surgeons are doctors who are specialised to understand, examine, diagnose and treat conditions.
Apart from their in depth training, Paediatric orthopaedic doctors have a vast experience in dealing
with all these challenges and ensuring that your child is provided with the most pain free and best paediatric orthopaedic treatment, whether it is surgery, medicines, casts or exercises.

Why should I choose Agashe Hospital?

The Paediatric Department at Agashe Hospital has all that you need to provide the best paediatric
orthopaedic treatment in Mumbai for your child.

Our Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dr. Mandar Agashe has in depth training from some of the best paediatric orthopaedic hospitals in Mumbai – Wadia Hospital and outside India too – Korea’s Guro Hospital, Czech
Republic’s Moto Hospital and San Diego’s Rady Children’s hospital. He also has over
a decade’s experience providing paediatric orthopaedic treatment to children at some of the best
hospitals in Mumbai – SRCC Children’s hospital, Surya Childcare hospital, Somaiya Hospital, Fortis
hospital and Godrej Memorial Hospital. Dr. Mandar Agashe is known for his soft manners and patient explanation of the child’s treatment to ease parent’s worries.
Agashe Hospital has the latest technology and facilities needed for paediatric orthopaedic surgery like an in-house XRay centre, Plaster room, high quality image intensifier (C Arm) which is extremely useful technology during paediatric orthopaedic surgeries, advanced pneumatic drill – a power tool of modern orthopaedic surgery, some of the latest AO instrumentation, high precision surgical
microscope for microscopic and reconstructive surgery and physiotherapy centre for post-operative rehabilitation.
The staff at Agashe Hospital is sensitized to dealing with a child with bone problems and are appreciated by parents for being friendly, comforting and polite.

Here are what some of our patients have to say about their experience with Paediatric Orthopaedic Doctor at Agashe Hospital:

“Very good hospital and after renovation very good ambience too. Dr Mandar Agashe, Best orthopedic surgeon I have experienced for my son.Soft spoken and explains parents very clearly about the disease and solution towards the same.Thank you very much doc.”
– Surabhi Gupta

“Had a great experience in treatment of my son. Dr Mandar Agashe is the best pediatric orthopaedic. Would recommend anyone with any orthopaedic problems.”
– Dr Vinit Shah Ophthalmologist

“I went as a patient but on discharge I looked as though I was accompanying a patient. Dr. Mandar Agashe disgonosed very appropriately and my treatment got done within a week time. An excellent hospital with all supportive staff needless to mention about the doctors –
very caring – May sky be the limit for their success and God blessing be showered on everyone in the Hospital.”
– Sharda R

“Dr mandar agashe is very good doctor for paediatric orthopaedic and he is a well experenced doctor and good supportive staff”
– Neev Shroff