Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

The Physiotherapy department at Agashe Hospital is well equipped to deal with management of various orthopaedic, respiratory, gynaecological, surgical and neurological conditions. 

Physiotherapists at Agashe Hospital are well trained and experienced in their respective specialisations. They work closely with Orthopaedic doctors and Surgeons at Agashe Hospital to restore the mobility and functioning to that of how it was before the illness, injury or surgery. Our Physiotherapists are known for their firm yet gentle care that ensures that the best possible outcomes are ensured for every patient.

Apart from rehabilitation and management, patients are also taught correct techniques for self-management and prevention. 

Neck pain, back pain, arthroscopic surgery rehabilitation, shoulder pain, elbow pain, rheumatoid arthritis management, post surgery rehabilitation, frozen shoulder management, hip pain, knee pain, osteoarthritis management, joint replacement surgery rehabilitation, sports injuries, spine surgery rehabilitation, post operative fracture care, and heel pain (plantar fasciitis) management are some of the conditions that our Physiotherapists specialise in managing. 

Dr.Pooja Mandale