About Agashe Hospital

Agashe Hospital was established in 1951 with an aim to provide excellent yet ethical patient care.
While the hospital has expanded over the years to include more services and cater to a larger population, the focus on patient care remains untarnished and is at the heart of all that we do.

With time, Agashe Hospital has kept up with the latest developments in the field of medical technology and provides modern infrastructure as well as up-to-date medical care.

The doctors at Agashe Hospital are on the panel of some of the best hospitals in Mumbai.

Glimpses of erstwhile Agashe Hospital
Stalwarts in their specialities, doctors from Agashe Hospital are often called on to mentor other doctors at various conferences and teaching institutes. We welcome you to Agashe Hospital. We welcome you to trusted doctors and modern technology served with utmost care and empathy.